Laboratory Exercise (Internal Assessment)

Part 1. Introduction

Biochemistry Notes

Metabolism Notes

Part 2. Physiology



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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
  • Period 2
    • Diagram Quiz using some of the follownig images:
      • Human_Digestive_System.jpg
      • Human_Digestive_System_Model.jpg
      • Human_Digestive_System_Summary.jpg
      • Human_Heart.jpg
      • Human_Respiratory_System.jpg

Final Exam Questions

    1. Create a detailed comparison of the homeostatic mechanism of two sets of antagonistic hormones.
    2. Describe the all the defensive mechanisms that a food born pathogen would encounter if it tried to establish itself in your heart valves (endocarditis) for the first time and the second time.
    3. Provide annotated drawings and a written description of two instances in the body where an increase in surface area facilitates the physiological function of that part of the body.
    4. Describe how active and/or passive transport plays a role in the physiological functions of the body, site three different body systems as examples.
    5. Describe the anatomical and/or physiological mechanisms of the body that helps prevents back flow of blood. Include two diagrams.
    6. Using a flowchart describe any process in the body that contains multiple steps to control the outcome and explain why the multiple steps are necessary.